Finding the lowest-cost 529 savings plans's 529 Fee Study, updated as of July 1, 2019, showed that 529 fees continue to decline on average. When taking mean cost across the highest and lowest options, we found that mean fees fell over the past 12 months.

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Questions to Ask Admissions on a College Campus Visit

Taking your high school student on a college tour is a rite of passage for both the student and the parent. But, too often it doesn’t deliver maximum impact on the family’s college experience because many parents aren’t asking the right questions.

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What Happens When You Borrow Too Much Money for College?

People who borrow too much money for college may struggle to repay their student loans in a reasonable amount of time. They are more likely to be late with their student loan payments, or even go into default. Missing loan payments ruins their credit, affecting access to credit cards, auto loans and home mortgages. Borrowing too much money can also cause delays in major life-cycle events that are part of the American dream.

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How to Withdraw Money from Your 529 Plan

Money saved in a 529 plan can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for qualified education expenses. It’s up to the 529 plan account owner to calculate the amount of the tax-free distribution and how they want to receive the funds. Withdrawal requests can usually be made on the 529 plan’s website, by telephone or by mail.

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Several Cities Offer Free College Tuition Programs

Several U.S. cities and municipalities offer government-sponsored free tuition programs. These programs are either completely or partially free, and most have conditions and mandates that student recipients must follow, similar to the restrictions on state free college tuition programs.

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